Tweeting Through Time: @weirdmedievalguys Reimagine The Middle Ages

A bit late to the party but we felt this twitter account deserves all the praise and exposure it gets. Weird Medieval Guys covers weird medieval art, and we really do mean weird. Run by Olivia M. Swarthout, this account is now our guilty pleasure. With daily updates with the weirdest artistic visions you could think of – we had to be very careful with our selections, some are reaaaaaally out there – we can guarantee you won’t get bored.

1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

close encounter


Baby meets his mother, mother meets her baby, no one is pleased. Once you get past their surprised expression, the odd worm-shaped baby makes you take a second look.

2. Body & Soul

weird medieval guys souls leaving body jpg


We can safely assume the artist behind this masterpiece portrayed the souls leaving the body from his imagination but dear God, couldn’t he have painted them in a better light?

3. The Big Surprise

weird medieval guys headless body jpg


Just imagine entering the room only to find your significant other in THIS state… Questions are raised, hands are up in the air, only the head is nowhere to be seen.

4. The Nude Strawberry Worshippers

weird medieval guys giant strawberry


This is a hard one to unpack. What exactly is happening there? Why is the strawberry ginormous? Why are they not clothed? Why are they in awe?

5. Party like it’s the 1300s

weird medieval guys giant skeleton


And yes, ignore the obvious anatomical flaws, the one who painted this either had zero knowledge of the human body or simply decided to ignore all guidelines.

6. Book Club Material

weird medieval guys reading duo jpg


Nothing strengthens a friendship better than reading with your bestie. Bonus points if your bestie is a cat/monkey thing.

7. The Odd Duo

weird medieval guys funny animals jpg


And again, these look like they were painted by 5 year olds during a tantrum. The frog has no front legs, the mouse has cricket legs, and the rat attempts to pull a dance move. The more you look, the weirder it gets.

8. The Chuckle For Days Drawing

weird medieval guys boar jpg


We like how people those days seemed to approach all subjects, no holds barred. They woke up feeling like drawing a wild boar dressed in cool pants – it was the 1400s so no denim yet – and executed exactly that.

9. The Reader

weird medieval guys dog funny hat jpg


A weirdly fun way to portray dogs: covered by a blanket, with a hat, reading a book all while having a weird grin. How cool would it be if this would get traction and people will start recreating this trend with their own doggo?

10. One Cool Dude

weird medieval guys surprised face jpg


Is he excited? Is he terrified? What’s up with the snake that seems to devour him? We need to know the whole story.

11. Mid Of The Week Mood

weird medieval guys no surprise jpg


The guy doesn’t care, it’s like he’s dead inside. Or people back then were pretty bad at portraying emotions.

12. The CSI Rabbits

weird medieval guys rabbit attack jpg


Get used to seeing rabbits in weird scenarios, weird medieval art and rabid rabbits seem to go hand in hand.

13. A Nun Cat

weird medieval nun cat jpg


If you’re the cat type you have to print and frame this one, it’s too darn good!

14. The Cutie

weird medieval guys bat jpg


We’re sure people in the 1200s knew how bats looked. Was this part of a move to make bats seem less eerie? Did they organize a protest? We don’t know but we’re here for all of it.

15. Forever After

weird medieval guys death jpg


Captioned “death with dignity”, this one has a rather positive vibe to it. And it’s only natural that death has bagpipes and not a scythe, way more accurate.

16. The Hipster

weird medieval guys cool guy jpg


This was the guy everyone wanted to party with, we can put our money on it!

17. Deja Vu aka Monk Cats

weird medieval guys monk jpg


Cats as monks seems to be a recurring theme. This one seems to have insect legs, just for fun.

18. Demons, Demons, Everywhere

weird medieval guys demon jpg


Two-faced demons attacking a monastery? I see an arrow shot into the wall but no archer in sight.

19. The Fat Hedgehog That Could

weird medieval guys round hedgehog


He should start a thread with unrequested hedgehog pics and this one should be first. Apparently people loved these cuties even in the 15th century and that’s easy to tell by the way they’re portrayed: cute and round, without lethal weapons and weird facial expressions.

20. Yes, A Dog

weird medieval guys dog


By the look of this you would be sure to bet that the artist saw a dog just once while it was running in a field, in distance and tried to come up with an art piece to portray it. And that middle part hairstyle makes it look like he belongs in a boyband in the mid 90s.

21. Funky Frog

weird medieval guys funky funk jpg


Swag, you either have it or you don’t. Or when Friday night vibe kicks in.

22. A Rare Bird

weird medieval guys funny bird jpg


A surveillance system? The after effect of shrooms? Your guess is as good as ours.

23. Alexander The Great

weird medieval guys underwater jpg


The original caption says it all: “my favorite medieval story is the one about how alexander the great wanted to see the world, so he built a contraption to dive underwater and brought his cat and chicken to explore the ocean with him :)”

24. A Different Kind of Rat Pack

weird medieval guys rats jpg


Ratings gearing up towards a guys night out. They even have the father figure type, a rather big oaf that’s there to get them into even more trouble.

25. The Badass Monk

weird medieval guys gambling monk jpg


I can almost hear him “Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about this new wicked game? It’s legit and all, I swear!”

26. Animalia Wrestling

weird medieval guys romantic encounter jpg


Playful fun or a hunting sesh gone bad, it really doesn’t matter. The amount of details that went into this, the brushwork, the king’s clothes, this took a lot of time and dedication.

Jousting animals, weird contexts, dogs that aren’t dogs, Weird Medieval Guys is about all the weird stuff that you might dream about when you go to bed at 5am only to be forced to wake up an hour or so later. It’s full of humor, history, sarcasm and a whole lot of art.

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