19 Weird New Mexico Laws: No To Cemetery Hunting And Indecent Waitering

New Mexico, also known as the Land of Enchantment, is a state that has more sheep and cows than people, a place of culinary delight and breathtaking landscapes. It’s truly a wonderful place to visit and has many surprises waiting for you. One of them would be the weird New Mexico laws you should be aware of as you might unintentionally get on the wrong side of the law if you’re not careful.

1. Draw your van curtains and do your thing

vanIn Carlsbad, NM, it’s ok to have sex in a parked van during lunch break IF the car or van has their curtains drawn so no one can see inside. How about that?

2. Never bet on camel or ostrich racing

But bicycle racing is ok to bet on. There have been attempts to legalize camel or ostrich racing but they were not approved. Maybe because that meant forcing those animals to race? But anyone can bet on bicycle racing which doesn’t harm any animal.

3. 400 words of “sexually explicit material” has been cut out of Romeo and Juliet

weird New Mexico laws: modified Romeo and JulietIs this decision good? Bad? Maybe let Romeo and Juliet as is and move on to more important things? After all, if someone wants to read the whole, unmodified thing they can easily find it online.

4. No to “indecent waitering”

Some people really like this and will be upset to hear this is illegal 🙂 What this refers to is that servers are not allowed to show you their privates. We know, disappointing, right? But it does beg the question: what happened here?

5. Idiots are not allowed to vote


The state’s Constitution prevents idiots from being able to vote. The question is how do they determine if someone should or shouldn’t vote?

6. In Omega, NM, it’s illegal to ride a horse if you’re a woman and don’t have a corset on!

Yes, you read that right? You need to be wearing a corset if you want to ride a horse!

7. In Carrizozo, no woman is allowed in public…unshaven

weird New Mexico laws: no unshaven women in public

What more can we add to this?

8. In Lac Cruces, you’re not allowed to carry a… lunchbox down Main Street

Say what?! We have no idea why this law was in effect and if anyone knows, please share it in the comments.

9. It’s illegal for women to change a flat tire

flat tireOr to pump gas in their own car! It seems that men should help with this for some strange reason. Talk about weird and outdated laws. We’re pretty certain many, many, many women have broken this in New Mexico.

10. No pulling customers into cabs!

Cab drivers are not allowed to pull potential clients from the street and into their cabs! This law is something special, isn’t it? Can you imagine being dragged from the street into a cab? It could happen but you wouldn’t think it was possible, no? It seems it did happen in Albuquerque and probably more than once which led to it becoming illegal.

11. A newspaper may be fined if they incorrectly spell someone’s name

weird New Mexico laws: no incorrect spellingThis happens in Quemado, NM where any spelling mistake is seemingly a big no-no.

12. No hunting in the cemetery

What? Why not? No, but seriously now, who even thinks about this? And in a cemetery? It seems this has happened in Deming, NM, because they have prohibited hunting and riding a bicycle within cemetery grounds. You’re also not allowed to drive upon the lawns here in Mountain View Cemetery.

13. Dueling is illegal in New Mexico

weird New Mexico laws: no duelingBut you probably didn’t know that even accepting a duel can lead to serious trouble. We have no idea what happens if two people are just accepting a duel with some kinds of silly weapons, like plastic swords or something. Hopefully that doesn’t lead to something bad but if it happens in New Mexico, well, we just don’t know.

14. No spitting… pretty much anywhere

Whether it’s public sidewalks, passes, byways, paths in the city, the steps of a public building, hotel, church, opera house, you are not allowed to expectorate or spit there. This happens in Deming, NM, and we wonder what happens in case of some kind of emergency when someone must spit/expectorate because they can’t breathe otherwise?

15. Don’t trip a horse!

horseTripping a horse is a misdemeanor and we don’t know why anyone would even think about doing this. Also if the horse is injured this becomes a felony so don’t do it!

16. Women can go topless if their nipples are not visible

Just so you don’t think only men can strut around naked (although it’s not the same thing as we’re only talking about the top part for women).

17. If your genitals are covered you can run around naked!

running man

If you’re a man you can do this apparently. Sounds weird? Can you imagine if 10-20 men decide to do this at the same time?

18. No improper use of official anthems

New Mexico has a strict policy about this. Official anthems must be used in full and always performed separately from anything else. You can’t create a musical montage or something similar.

19. It’s illegal to give glue, paint or spray paint to a minor

graffitiIf you don’t have the parent’s consent for this, then giving any of these to a minor is illegal in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

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Other weird (almost) laws from New Mexico

In Albuquerque, NM, a city council wanted to actually ban Santa Claus from the city!

Talk about important laws, right? Fortunately this resolution was defeated.

Is it illegal to not shave in New Mexico?

Yes, for women it’s still illegal to go out in public if they are unshaven. An outdated law that should have never existed but has not been (yet) redacted.

Is it illegal for a woman to pump her own gas in New Mexico?

Yes, men are supposed to help out with this for some reason. Many women have surely broken this “law” in New Mexico.

Is it illegal to wear a sombrero and dance in New Mexico?

Yes, dancing with a sombrero on is illegal in NM. It probably has to do with potential accidents that may occur while doing this with a sombrero on.

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