12 Summer Dog Toys He’s Going To Play With All Day Long

Summer is here which means a lot of fun in the sun, both for us and our dogs, so new summer dog toys are on the shopping list. Whether you want a toy to train his mind or his body, a toy that he can chew on while you read a book or while you both go for a swim, we’ve thought of all possible scenarios.

1. Dog Hide N’ Slide Interactive Treat Puzzle

summer dog toys puzzle jpg

Rest assured, this puzzle will keep your dog entertained while also exercising his mind thus reducing boredom and destructive behavior. If you have a fast eater this puzzle will help with bloating and overall digestion by slowing him down.

What people are saying: “My dog Freckles loves this toy. It keeps her busy for about 20 min. I’m impressed that she can open all the compartments.”


2. Non-Slip Splash Pad For Kids And Dog

summer dog toys splash pad jpg

A product that keeps both your kid and doggo busy, with all the necessary safety precautions included: a non-slip design, round edges, no without BPA and phthalates. Available in 5 sizes and 5 color combinations, this playmat will create a lot of fun memories.

What people are saying: “I like the material, it is thicker so our grandson and his dog can enjoy it for a long time!”


3. Pup Claw Dog Toy

summer dog toys pup claw jpg

Grab your White Claw, get your puppy one of these and enjoy a lazy, dog-dangling afternoon. When the toys get too slobbery, just throw it in the washer and you are done.

What people are saying: “My dogs treat this as their favorite toy now. I came back online to buy more of them. They hold up very well to my 100 pound labradors, and they like the crinkle sound as well as the squeaker.”


4. Frosty Cone Toy

summer dog toys freeze treat jpg

These seem to be amazingly durable and doggos always have a blast, especially if you fill them up with their favorite snack. We recommend making sure you buy the toy that suits your dog best, going for a toy that’s appropriate for his size. When mayhem ends just throw it in the dishwasher and that’s it.

What people are saying: “I fill them up with peanut butter and put them in the freezer otherwise my big dog has them emptied in 5 minutes.”


5. Fitness Funny Dog Toys

summer dog toys dumbell jpg

A novelty set that is sure to provide countless hours of fun. If your dog loves interrupting your workout try giving him a hint with these so you can both get your workout in. A double threat, a squeaky crinkle set that makes it appropriate for dogs of all sizes. Do you like just the dumbbells? Good news, they sell this separately as well.

What people are saying: “My pomsky comes to the gym with me, and has become an unofficial mascot.”


6. Water Bottle Treat Dispensing Toy

summer dog toys noisy toy jpg
This one is the Jack-of-all-trades, the multifunctional toy that will be by your dog’s side all summer long. You have the octopus body where you can insert a bottle to make play time more noisy and fun. You have the ropes for chewing and occasional play tug. There’s two pockets that can be filled with his favorite treats. And lastly, the toy’s head has a built-in squeaker.

What people are saying: “ It holds a bottle, treats, it squeaks and it has ropes. It’s the perfect pup toy for a small dog. “


7. Hyper Pet Fetching Dog Toy

summer dog toys floating stick jpg
Summer days in the pool have a whole new meaning with this bad boy around. It’s lightweight which makes it accessible for dogs of all ages and sizes. Plus, it’s easy to carry with you when going for a picnic or a hike.

What people are saying: “Great durability! We finally had to replace the previous one but our dog loves it.”


8. Interactive Dog Toy For Tug Of War

summer dog toys tug of war jpg

Sold as a medium and as a large, this ball is the ideal toy if you have more than one dog. Just place it between them and see the fun begin.

What people are saying: “This ball is my dog’s favorite, had it for a year and has not popped! My dog chewed off the handles but he is usually very harsh with the ball and has not popped.”


9. Carrot Snuffle Mat

summer dog toys carrot snuffle mat jpg

If you’re big on gardening this toy has a different ring for you. Late afternoon gardening sessions are better when you have your furry friend around. Sneak some snacks inside and he’ll be happy as a daisy.

What people are saying: “I’ve never seen my pup so excited.”


10. Nylon Steak Chew Toy For Dogs

summer dog toys steak chew toy jpg

We even have something for the aggressive chewer in the household! People seem to go wild for this almost indestructible toy.

What people are saying: “Our dog has been spending so much time chewing this toy like it’s going out of style!!”


11. Chuckit! Ultra Fetch Stick Outdoor Dog Toy

summer dog toys chuckit jpg

A classic when it comes to playing fetch, this stick makes park walks much more fun. A huge plus is its compatibility with the Chuckit RingChaser Launcher.

What people are saying: “My pups really enjoy this “fake” stick.”


12. Plush Gator Dog Toy

summer dog toys plush gator jpg

If squeakers are what you’re looking for, this toy gator delivers. It’s packing no less than 16 squeakers, guaranteed to make any dog feel like he just reached heaven.

What people are saying: “I have this on auto subscription. My Great Dane’s absolute favorite “Crocky” he and his 11 lb BFF love to play tug of war and Oscar the Dane jumps for joy the second it comes out of the box”


Small or large, with a penchant for destruction or a huge tug of war fan, each dog has its own definition of what summer dog toys look like. Keep his preferences and behavior in mind before ordering, there’s no such thing as a one toy fits all.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Dog’s Toys?

The saliva, the dirt, hidden food residue, it’s all there. That’s why being diligent and cleaning your dog toys at least once a month is a must. Use a mild detergent, no fabric softener and make sure they’re completely dry before handing them to your dog.

Should You Leave Dog Toys Out All The Time?

The answer is no, and for a number of reasons. Chances are he will play only with one or two favorite toys and ignore the others so keep them on rotation allowing him to rediscover his old toys. Having all his toys out means a lot of mess, he will often go for his favorite and leave a huge pile behind. Plus, there’s the sanitary issue we talked about above. Washing tens of toys just because they went in contact with one or two dirty ones is time consuming and unnecessary.

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