Legally Strange: 25 Outlandish And Weird Ohio Laws

Ohio is a lovely place, with many beautiful places to visit and explore. It’s also a great spot to find some really strange, puzzling and downright odd laws. So, if you’re in the mood for some weird Ohio laws then you’re in for a treat.

1. In Akron, posting signs at swimming pools is illegal

swimming poolWhy aren’t you allowed to post any kinds of signs there is anyone’s guess.

2. Fish and alcohol

Have you ever thought about getting a fish drunk? Why not? Just kidding :). We actually wonder who ever thought of doing something like this. And why? It’s clear at least one person considered it because there’s a law in Perry, Ohio that states you are not allowed to get a fish drunk.

3. In Bat Village, no walking cows down Lake Road

All other roads seem to be fine for this. What happened between a cow and Lake Road remains a secret.

The next one is one of the more weird Ohio laws.

4. In a house there must not live more than 4 women!

What happens if there are 5 children and all are girls/women? This law is so strange and odd that it’s hard to understand why and who had the bright idea to create it.

5. In Bexley, you can’t install/use slot machines in outhouses

outhouseWhat’s this all about? Who knows what happened there?

6. You must honk your horn EVERY time you pass another car!!!

Could you imagine if drivers actually did this? It would be madness.

7. On Sundays you are not allowed to fish for… whales

weird Ohio laws: no fishing for whales

What’s so strange about this law is that Ohio is a landlocked state. So where are the whales?

8. Patent leather shoes worn in public are a no-no for women

Could men wear them? It doesn’t say they can’t.

9. In Akron (again), selling colored chickens is illegal!

There’s no details as to what this means, what colors are prohibited and such. And why was such a law needed? No one knows.

10. In McDonald, your goose is not allowed on Main Street

weird Ohio laws: no goose on Main StreetSo it’s cows, now gooses, what’s next? Horses?

11. No arrests on 4th of July or on Sundays

So if you do any crime, you won’t be arrested on those days? Where will they keep you until the next day, when they can arrest you? This is intriguing to say the least.

12. On Sundays, in Columbus, stores must not sell corn flakes

What exactly happened in Columbus that they hate corn flakes, is anyone’s guess? And why only on Sundays?

13. License to kill flies?

a flyIt will probably sound like it couldn’t be true but it is. You need a LICENSE to kill a housefly within 160 feet of a church!

14. Another license for catching mice!

In Cleveland, it’s actually illegal to even try to catch mice without having a hunting license! So if your house has a few critters that shouldn’t be there, you’ll need to get a license or find someone who has one.

15. No rice at the wedding

Some people love rice at weddings and some people really don’t. In Chillicothe, Ohio they are so against it that they’ve made it illegal.

16. Donuts are a no-no in Marion, Ohio

Ever considered walking backwards while eating a delicious donut? Well, if you’re in Marion, Ohio then think again. You aren’t allowed to eat a donut (Why a donut? Can you eat anything else?) if you are walking backwards on a city street.

17. No running out of gas

If you do run out of gas you could be in serious trouble in Ohio. It seems they don’t take lightly to people that don’t make sure they have enough gas in their car.

18. In Toledo, snake throwing is LEGAL while snake SHAKING is not!

Sounds strange? It is. We can’t even with this one. Why would the first be legal?

19. In Clinton County, leaning on public buildings can lead to fines

A bit too much? While public buildings need to be protected, should leaning on one lead to a fine?

20. In Fairview Park, honking your car horn excessively is against the law

What does excessively mean? 10 times? 5?

21. In Oxford, it’s illegal to spit on the sidewalk of the square

But can you do it anywhere else? Why is only the square getting this kind of “treatment”?

22. The Oxford square (again)

It’s illegal for you to drive around the town square more than 100 times in 1 session. We wonder who keeps track of how many times someone drives around the town square? “Oh, you’re at 99 now so that’s enough of that!”

23. In Youngstown, Ohio, riding taxi roofs is a no-no!

But why? It seems like a lot of fun. And we bet there’s a really cool story behind this law.

24. In Canton, Ohio, you can’t play any kind of games in a park without the permission of the Superintendent!

Can you imagine having to ask permission so your child can PLAY in a PARK? Why is this even a law? What happened in Canton that made people want to make this law? Also, in Canton electric fences are banned.

25. In Lima, Ohio, every map MUST have Lima clearly visible

US map

Otherwise you can’t sell it. Lima must be front and center or your map is no good.
Hopefully, you’ve found a few weird Ohio laws that made you chuckle. And there are quite a few of those, aren’t there?

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Is Ohio a no-hands state?

Yes, as of 2023, it’s illegal to use a cell phone or any other device in your hand or lap while driving in Ohio. Hands-free are recommended and approved of.

Is driving without shoes illegal in Ohio?

Barefoot driving is permitted although not recommended in Ohio.

What are the stupidest laws in Ohio?

We’ve talked about a lot of these above but if we were to choose, we would pick one of the following:

Needing a license to kill flies near a church
Not being allowed to fishing for whales (in a landlocked state)
Not being able to have more than 4 women live in the same house!

What is your favorite?

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