Beyond The Buckeye State: 19 Weird Things To See And Do In Ohio

Ohio is a wonderful place to visit, with its 3 C’s (Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati) offering a lot of interesting places to visit and explore. There’s nature with state and national parks, ice fishing in the winter, Amish Country, amusement parks, museums and also many weird things to see and do in Ohio. While some may be known ones there’s also some that are not that well known but should be explored if you’re in the area.

1. House of Trash

House of TrashThe House of Trash was born when a couple decided to use trash to build a house and show how much can be reused. What they managed is something more people need to see. They have tours explaining how self-sufficient energy can be created and used, how most of our trash can be reused.

2. Cincinnati Mushroom House

Cincinnati Mushroom House

Created between 1992 and 2006, architecture professor Terry Brown (who sadly passed away at 53 in 2008 just 2 years after finishing this project), this house is like anything you’ve ever seen. Brown used warped shingles to create a look that’s very similar to mushrooms. The magical-looking house has been widely published and remains one of the hallmarks of the neighborhood.

3. American Sign Museum

American Sign Museum

Up for some neo nostalgia? Then the American Sign Museum located in Cincinnati, Ohio is just the place to visit. Explore the evolution of advertising, with dazzling and colorful signs from past decades. While other museums might get a little boring, this one isn’t that. There’s plenty to see especially if you’re up for a trip down memory lane.

4. Cornhenge


How about an unusual version of Stonehenge? Oversized concrete corn cobs, anyone? This is surely a great place for some quirky, interesting selfies. On one side we have the beautiful, natural background and then there’s these concrete sculptures that look out of place at first. But once you take all in, they look like they weirdly belong here. This Field of Corn is composed of 109 human-sized corn cobs and it’s pretty awesome.

5. Serpent Mound

Serpent Mound

This 411 meters mound dates back from the prehistoric era and scientists still don’t know who and why they built it. It may have been of spiritual purpose as many native cultures used to revere snakes and/or it may have been used to mark seasons or time. Whatever it may be, it looks strange and you get a certain vibe when you’re close to it.

6. The Percy Skuy Collection on the History of Contraception

The Percy Skuy Collection on the History of Contraception

Located in the Dittrick Medical History Center, this place is something else. With more than 1000 items that span over 1000 years, this weird exhibit shows just how far humans will go in order to prevent pregnancies. And believe us, some of these “items” are painful to watch, not to mention imagine how they were used. Among the many exhibits let’s just name a few so you get an idea of what’s in store here: beaver testicles, ear wax from a mule, Goodyear Tire rubbers, sponges, rhythm beads. There’s a LOT of weird things to see so if you’re a fan, be sure to visit.

PS: There’s a few very “juicy” things about Casanova here but we won’t spoil the surprise 😉

7. The Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave

So what’s so special about a cave you may ask? Well this is not any cave, it’s actually the biggest geode on earth. And while experience is quite something on its own you can also add to it by taking the Heineman winery tour. A bit of booze goes well with a crystal cave ;)! Know that the tour is just 15 minutes long.

Bonus: If you’re in the area make sure to visit the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

While in Put-in-Bay, Ohio (that’s where the Crystal Cave is) also visit the 107 meters (350 feet) monument that celebrates an important US Navy victory over the British navy.

8. Findlay Ghost Town

Findlay Ghost Town

How about an eerie, spooky Ghost Town? And not just any, but the best and probably more known ghost town in Ohio. Plus it’s all pretend as this was created by the Galitza family as an 1880s replica of a real town but was never lived in. Yet, it still looks and feels very real.

First opened in the 1950s this place hasn’t been looked after all that much which contributes to the feel of an authentic ghostly town. Among other fairs and events, during Halloween, this place hosts the well known Haunted Ghost Town Findlay (which you should definitely visit if you’re a Halloween fan).

9. Loveland Castle

Loveland Castle

Hmm… a castle. Why a castle? Is it weird? The real question should be who built the castle in Loveland, Ohio? Answer: one man. Yes, you’ve read that correctly! One man, Sir Harry Andrews, has built a 1/5th scale replica of a medieval castle. Most men can barely build a house not to mention an entire castle (although a smaller one).

This man had an AMAZING life living from 1890 to 1981, serving as a medic during WWI and even being declared DEAD for 6 months! During this time his fiance married another man. Harry later had over 50 marriage proposals later in life which he turned down!

Harry was truly a special human being and his creation, the Loveland Castle has Harry written all over it as you’ll discover when you visit. Fun fact: Harry had an IQ of 189!

10. Things Swallowed Exhibit

Things Swallowed Exhibit

This is one weird exhibit. Housed by the Allen County Museum, this exhibit is made up of things swallowed and removed. And it’s a real treat! Over 100 different (and some quite peculiar) objects await in Lima, Ohio.

11. Hartman’s Rock Garden

Hartman’s Rock Garden

The creation of H.G. “Ben” Hartman, back in 1932 during the Great Depression, this Rock Garden is made up of many thousands of stones that the author cut down to size. A small replica of The White House, Mount Vernon, a castle with a drawbridge or many stone animals trying to get on Noah’s Ark can be found here. A truly beautiful and one of a kind garden, it’s a place that mixes weird, unusual and downright cool things made out of stone.

12. World’s Largest Horseshoe Crab

World’s Largest Horseshoe Crab

How about a wedding inside a horseshoe crab? Sounds like fun? Well then you’re in luck because in Hillsboro, Ohio, you can do just that. The HUGE 21 (67 feet) meters long , 8.5 (28 feet) meters wide and 3.6 (12 feet) meters high has already had 4 different homes. Baltimore, a creationist Kentucky museum, outside a church from Blancherter and now Hillsboro. “Crabbie” was created in 1995 and can host dozens of people so events can easily be held here.

13. The Dog Fountain from Mount Vernon, Ohio

The Dog Fountain from Mount Vernon, Ohio

Clearly one of the most unique fountains we’ve ever seen! There’s 18 dog statues and also a horse, birds and a cat! There’s also many other important and small details you have to see for yourself. Not a lot of people (outside the city) know about the fountain although more should as it’s something different, weird (in a good way) and special.

14. World’s Biggest Baskets

World’s Biggest Baskets

Which is the biggest basket in the world? It’s in Newark, Ohio. A huge basket-like structure built by the Longaberger Company which was once the number 1 handmade basket company in the US. It cost a whopping $30 million dollars, is 185,000 feet long and very visible from the road. Today it’s abandoned and for sale and it has seen better days.

But how about the world’s largest apple basket? Yep, Ohio has that as well and it’s close by, in Frazeysburg. It looks great but the area feels and looks deserted although it was once bustling with tourists.

15. Wall of Gum from Greenville

Wall of Gum from Greenville

Why is the gum wall a thing? This all started in the 90s when Unexpected Productions performers started plastering their used gum on this wall. It soon attracted others to do the same and the wall is now filled to the brink of different colored gums.

16. World’s 2nd Smallest Street

World’s 2nd Smallest Street

McKinley Street in Bellefontaine was once the smallest street on earth at just 15 feet. The smallest is now Ebenezer Place in Wick, Scotland at just 6ft 9 inches in length (2.06 m).

17. The Pencil Sharpener Museum

The Pencil Sharpener Museum

Found in Logan, Ohio, it has more than 3,400 pencil sharpeners! If you can think of something, it’s a good bet there’s a museum for it. This collection is a must see if you’re in the area.

18. World’s Largest Rubber Stamp

World's Largest Rubber Stamp

One of the more known structures from Cleveland, Ohio, it was built by Standard Oil of Ohio but it was not used for its intended purposes and was not shown for many years. It now stands proudly in Willard Park.

19. The Living Bible Museum

The Living Bible Museum

If you’re a wax and Bible fan then this has the perfect mix of both. Giant wax figures recreating 70 famous moments from the Bible.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed our list of weird things to see and do in Ohio and hopefully you will get a chance to do a few of these things if you’re ever visiting Ohio.

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