The 11 Weirdest Collections and Weird Things People Collect

You can not really judge people who collect different and unique items, but these items could sometimes be a little too weird.

Some of these people collect quirky items just for fun, while others emotionally connect with their collection. In either case, the end result is pretty interesting.

So, we will take you to some of these weird collections that made people really famous and even world record holders.

Top 11 Weirdest Collections in the World

We have jotted down the top 12 weirdest collections in the world so, without further ado, let’s get right into it:

1. Celebrity Hair Locks

Celebrity Hair Locks

John Reznikoff’s collection consists of hair from famous celebrities. It sounds not only weird but creepy too, but this man has the greatest collection of celebrity hair.

Also, the most interesting thing is that he also has the hair of Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln, and Elbert Einstein in his hair collection, which makes it priceless.

John Reznikoff is a Guinness world record holder because of his celebrity collections of hair.

2. Toilet Papers

Toilet Papers

It might be hard for some people to comprehend why someone would even need a whole collection of toilet papers.

But, Mr. and Mrs. Newman are determined to collect all types of toilet papers from around the world and to be honest, they do have a pretty impressive collection.

They are constantly trying to expand their own collection and make it even bigger so they can get more world records.

3. Troll Dolls

Troll Dolls

Troll dolls are scary for some people and lovely for others, but there is no second opinion in the fact that they are totally adorable.

Sherry Groom has the world’s largest collection of troll dolls, and she does not mind showing them off every once in a while.

She began collecting troll dolls years ago, and now, she owns this weird yet interesting collection of so many different and rare troll dolls.

4. Banana Labels

Banana Labels

You might be wondering why someone would collect banana labels. Well, because there are so many different and interesting varieties of banana labels.

Becky Martz has a huge collection of banana labels from across the globe and from different brands, making it one of the weirdest yet most interesting collections.

This weird collection is educational too because people can see what banana labels look like in different countries.

5. Love Dolls

Love Dolls

Okay, this by far is the creepiest collection ever because Bob and Lizzie Gibbins are fond of collecting love dolls. It gets even more disturbing because these love dolls are life-sized.

The couple loves to dress their dolls up and even take them shopping. Their house features a total of 240 love dolls which is quite a lot.

6. Toothbrush

Toothbrush - Weirdest Collections

Grigori Fleischer has the largest and pretty impressive collection of toothbrushes. He is from Russia and has this bizarre collection of 1320 toothbrushes.

He is still not done with collecting them and has a large collection of all types of brushes because he is basically obsessed with brushes.

7. Soap bars

Soap bars

So, who does not love soap bars, but what if we tell you that there is a woman who has more than 5000 soap bars in her collection?

Yes, Carol Vaughn from the UK collects soaps and has the largest collection of them all. She has been collecting soaps since 1991, and collecting things was a big hobby back in the day, so we do not blame her.

It is one of the pretty interesting collections mainly because it features all kinds of soaps from different regions.

8. Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls - Weirdest Collections

Collecting thousands of barbie dolls and having to see them in your house all day long does sound not only weird but also very creepy, which is why this is one of the strangest collections.

Bettina Dorfman has loved the barbie dolls forever, and one day, she finally decided to start collecting them; so, fast forward to now, she owns a collection of more than a thousand barbie dolls.

9. Airline Barf Bags

Airline Barf Bags

If you think that things could not get any weirder, wait until you read about the collection of Niek Vermeulen, who has a collection of 6290 airline barf bags.

It is one of the weird collections of the rich because Niek collected these barf bags by traveling in 1191 different airlines from more than 200 countries.

10. Milk Bottles

Milk Bottles - Weirdest Collections

Milk bottles are not really an item that most people would consider an item worth collecting, but Paul Luke saw the opportunity and collected milk bottles for years.

He has been collecting milk bottles for more than 2 decades now, and it would not be wrong to say that milk bottles are one of the very weird things that people collect.

Interestingly, Paul Luke has a collection of more than 10,000 milk bottles that makes him a world record holder.

11. Nicotine Gumball

Nicotine Gumball

Barry was going through a very rough patch in his life, and he was addicted to smoking, too, which made his life miserable. So he started chewing nicotine gum.

He kept collecting that gum over the years, and currently, it is a big ball of 175 pounds, and it took Barry 6 years to complete it.

Also, he had to chew 95200 pieces of gum to make this ball, but it all turned out in his favor in the end.

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Collecting items is a pretty exciting thing, but the collections we have listed might sound a little weird, and some of them even slightly creepy.

So, don’t worry, these collections really spread happiness in the lives of their collectors so, who are we to judge them?

But to be honest, some of these collections are borderline disturbing, but yeah, have a great day!

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