12 Summer Dog Toys He’s Going To Play With All Day Long
Summer is here which means a lot of fun in the sun, both for us and our dogs, so new summer dog toys are on the shopping list. Whether you want a toy to train[…]
From Strange To Striking: 13 Weird Coffee Gifts For Java Enthusiasts
  Buying gifts is rarely easy but narrowing it down at least a bit helps a lot. Is your friend clueless without his morning cup of coffee? Say no more! These funny and even weird[…]
Get Your Taste Buds Ready: 39 Weird Looking Fruits And Veggies
In a world filled with apples, bananas, and carrots, there are some fruits and veggies that defy all expectations. From peculiar shapes to mind-boggling flavors, these weird looking fruits and vegetables are here to shake[…]
23 Weird North Carolina Laws: When Common Sense Takes a Break
While North Carolina is a beautiful state, with a unique culture, it does also have a lot of quirky laws that you should know about. We’ve collected some of the more peculiar and weird North[…]
Tweeting Through Time: @weirdmedievalguys Reimagine The Middle Ages
A bit late to the party but we felt this twitter account deserves all the praise and exposure it gets. Weird Medieval Guys covers weird medieval art, and we really do mean weird. Run by[…]
Exploring The Weird Vintage Ads Of Yesteryears: 31 Strange Retro Ads
Luckily, we’re worlds away from the following weird vintage ads – for the most part of it – which makes them even harder to digest. From laughing to feeling a tad uncomfortable, you will go[…]
5 Crazy Escape Rooms For People Who Like Challenging Puzzles
A team building experience, a night out with your friends, a family fun outing, there’s a ton of scenarios on which an escape room might be the answer. But how about some crazy escape rooms[…]
20 Weird History Facts For The Trivia Night Buff
History – the subject that often feels like a collection of dry dates and dusty textbooks. But what if we told you that beneath those seemingly mundane details lies a world of weird history facts[…]
22 Weird Pennsylvania Laws: No Fireworks Or Dynamite Fishing
All US states have all sorts of crazy laws and Pennsylvania doesn’t stray from this. We’ve got a few really mindbenders in this one folks so grab your favorite drink and take a sit for[…]
The Ultimate List Of The 66 Weirdest Animals In The World
Nature has always found a way to surprise us. Sometimes we go “aww”, especially when we come across cute and fluffy animals and other times we’re equal parts disgusted and disturbed. Regardless of how they[…]

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