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11 Nov
24 Weird Tennessee Laws: Yes To Roadkill, No To Lassoing Fish
Tennessee is one of the best places to go to for their amazing and diverse music, world-renown whiskey, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which is absolutely tremendous or The Lost Sea. Tennessee is filled[…]
10 Nov
Beyond Crop Circles: 9 Intriguing And Unexplained Geoglyphs
First of all, what are geoglyphs? Geoglyphs are massive earth artworks etched into the ground. They can have any shape or form, animals, symbols, or intricate designs. Geoglyphs have puzzled humanity for centuries, with their[…]
09 Nov
Battle-Tested Boredom Busters: 20 Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers
If you’ve ever felt like you’re in a never-ending battle of “Toys vs. Dog,” we’ve got some game-changing contenders for you. The world of indestructible dog toys, where chewing power meets toy durability, has never[…]
08 Nov
Weird Florida: Exploring The Bizarre Side Of The Sunshine State
Lovely weather all the time, beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets, Disney World, fantastic parks and Bok Tower Gardens – all of these and more make The Sunshine State a wonderful place to visit all year[…]
07 Nov
Home Sweet Quirky Home: 13 Of The Weirdest Houses In The US
In a world where more and more people go for minimalist fashion, minimalist house, wabi sabi decor, there’s a handful of people who like whimsical, outlandish design just as much. The weirdest houses the US[…]
06 Nov
13 Weird North Dakota Laws: TP In Mines And No Elks In Sandboxes
North Dakota is the biggest producer of honey in the US, with 90% of its area filled with ranches and farms and the state with the most wildlife refuges at 63. A beautiful place, with[…]
04 Nov
From Wrinkles To Mops: 17 Of The Weirdest Dog Breeds
Some four-legged companions defy convention and the following so-called weirdest dog breeds out there prove that. The truth is that each dog breed we encounter has a story as unique as its appearance so read[…]
03 Nov
Friendly Or Frightening? 11 Creepy Facts About Dolphins
Dolphins are praised for their intelligence and apparent friendliness. They are loved worldwide because they are playful and have a certain thing that makes them stand out. And while they can do a lot of[…]

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