When Health Gets Bizarre: 21 Rare And Weird Diseases You Need To Know About

You can ride your skateboard for hours and only end up with minor cuts and bruises after a minor incident or you might end up speaking in an accent you never had before. That’s how fascinating the human body is. The following rare and weird diseases stand as intriguing anomalies within the field of medical science.

1. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

rare and weird diseases: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
A rare disorder that feels like taking a trip down the rabbit hole in your own mind. This disorder distorts your perception of time, size, and the world around you, making everything seem like it’s straight out of Wonderland.

2. Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome
Imagine aging at a super-fast pace, like Benjamin Button but in reverse. Kids with Progeria develop features of old age, wrinkled skin, and frail bones at a very young age.

3. Werewolf Syndrome

rare and weird diseases: Werewolf Syndrome

A condition so rare that since the Middle Ages there are only 50 known cases. People with Hypertrichosis, also known as Werewolf Syndrome, have excessive hair all over their bodies or just in random patches.

4. Stone Man Syndrome

Stone Man Syndrome

If you have this condition, your body starts turning your soft tissues into bone, effectively “petrifying” you over time. It’s a severely disabling disorder with no possible no cure or treatment.

5. Alien Hand Syndrome

rare and weird diseases: Alien Hand Syndrome
It’s as if your hand has a mind of its own! People with this disorder experience their hand doing things without their control. Usually caused by some sort of brain damage, this condition may revert back to normal if it occurred post a brain illness or a stroke.

6. Fish Odor Syndrome

Fish Odor Syndrome
Trimethylaminuria, or “Fish Odor Syndrome,” makes you exude a pungent fishy smell, especially when you sweat or eat certain foods. The only fixes are diet changes, good soaps and lotions that are able to semi-cover that smell.

7. Tree Bark Skin Disorder

Tree Bark Skin Disorder
Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis causes warty growths on the skin, growths that look like tree bark. Mahmoud Taluli, 44, underwent surgery to remove these growths after ten years of not being able to use his hands. The surgery was successful though the recovery process was a tough one.

8. Walking Corpse Syndrome

Walking Corpse Syndrome
Cotard’s Syndrome tricks your mind into believing you’re dead or don’t exist. People with this eerie condition might insist they’re walking zombies or ghosts.

9. Exploding Head Syndrome

rare and weird diseases: Exploding Head Syndrome

This sounds like a horror movie title, but it’s real and scary! People with this syndrome experience loud, explosive noises in their heads as they fall asleep, even though nothing’s actually exploding.

10. Aquagenic Urticaria

aquagenic urticaria scaled
Yes, an “allergy” to one of the most frequently met element in the world, water. This condition is not related to an allergy but rather a hypersensitivity of the skin cells to water. It typically affects the upper body, such as the neck, chest, and arms. Treatment options are limited and may include antihistamines or other medications to alleviate symptoms.

11. Foreign Accent Syndrome

Foreign Accent Syndrome
Imagine waking up suddenly sounding like you’re from a different part of the world. This syndrome makes people speak with “foreign” accents that they’ve never learned. As for the causes, a stroke, a head trauma, migraines or developmental problems can all cause FAS.

12. Congenital Insensitivity to Pain and Anhydrosis

Congenital Insensitivity to Pain and Anhydrosis
CIPA is an exceptionally rare genetic disorder characterized by the inability to perceive physical pain and the absence of sweating (anhydrosis) due to impaired nerve function. This condition is present from birth and is typically caused by mutations in specific genes responsible for sensory and autonomic nervous system development.

13. Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease
A bizarre condition where people believe fibers or parasites are emerging from under their skin. First documented more than 300 years ago, this condition continues to make people’s lives a living hell.

14. The Unusual Craving Syndrome

The Unusual Craving Syndrome
Pica by its medical name, this condition makes you crave non-food items like chalk, dirt, or paper. Your taste buds have gone on an adventurous quest to explore the world of inedible objects and you never feel like you had enough.

15. Capgras Syndrome

Capgras Syndrome
With Capgras Syndrome, you might recognize your loved ones but believe they’re impostors. It’s like living in a world of secret agents and doppelgängers, where nobody is who they seem to be. Patients with dementia or Parkinson’s are prone to developing Capgras syndrome but it also can happen to long-time alcohol or drug users.

16. Hyperthymesia

Hyperthymesia, also known as Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), is an exceedingly rare and unique condition where people can recall detailed and specific events and experiences from their past.

17. Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
CVS takes you on a rollercoaster of nausea and vomiting that comes and goes in cycles. Causes: unknown. Treatment: unknown. Yes, this one is the kind of rare disease that makes going about your day almost impossible.

18. Proteus Syndrome

Proteus Syndrome
Proteus Syndrome causes extreme overgrowth of body tissues, leading to severe deformities. It’s like living a real-life version of “The Elephant Man,” with your body undergoing unpredictable and massive transformations, all caused by a mutation in your AKT1 gene.

19. Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Auto-Brewery Syndrome
ABS is a rare and intriguing medical condition in which the body’s own gut flora can lead to the production of alcohol, resulting in symptoms resembling alcohol intoxication. Usually a low-carb diet is required to reduce the risks of new episodes occurring.

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20. Chronic Focal Encephalitis (Rasmussen’s Encephalitis)

Chronic Focal Encephalitis (Rasmussen’s Encephalitis)
A rare neurological disorder characterized by chronic inflammation in one hemisphere of the brain. This condition usually affects children and can result in seizures, cognitive decline, and neurological deficits. The exact cause is unclear but it is believed to involve an autoimmune response.

21. Fatal Familial Insomnia Syndrome

Fatal Familial Insomnia Syndrome
FFI is an extremely rare and devastating genetic disorder that affects the brain’s thalamus, leading to severe insomnia and a range of neurological symptoms. Bad news is if a parent carries the mutated gene, there is a 50% chance of passing it on to offspring. This condition results in progressively worsening sleep disturbances, cognitive decline, hallucinations, and ultimately, death.

In the world of rare and weird diseases, the line between the bizarre and the scientific is often blurred, reminding us just how lucky we are to have our health, no matter how sappy that might sound.

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