20 Weird Idaho Laws: Onions, Potatoes, Pianos And Widows

Idaho is home to some amazing ski resorts, hiking trails, fantastic campgrounds, plus a good spoonful of American West. Idaho is a place where you’ll find lots of adventures, friendly communities, and a very rich and diverse heritage. Here are just a few of the many attractions Idaho has in store: Sun Valley Resort, Shoshone Falls, City of Rocks National Reserve, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area, Salmon River, Kirkham Hot Springs. 

And there’s much more than this. You’ll need months upon months to visit and explore all of Idaho’s greatest attractions. By the way check this if you are a fan of weird roadside attractions in the USA. And if you’re seriously considering coming here it’s also a great idea to know about the many weird Idaho laws. If you aren’t aware of them you might break one or two without even knowing and get into trouble. 

1. In Pocatello, we have the “Smile Ordinance”


This says that it’s illegal not to smile in public. Sounds weird enough for you? Well, this was first introduced after a very hard winter that dampened the spirit of people in Pocatello. The mayor decided this kind of an ordinance would help and it has remained in place ever since. 

2. In Coeur D’Alene, ID, there’s a cool law in place

If police think people are having sex inside a parked vehicle they MUST honk their horn 3 times and then wait for 2 full minutes before they approach the vehicle. Sounds like a decent thing to do if you ask us. 

3. A real doozy involving snakes 

weird Idaho laws: snakes must not bite

In Idaho, snakes have been BANNED from BITING humans on a Sunday (except if it’s snowing outside). Yeah, talk about weird Idaho laws. 

4. Lawyers need to be careful with pianos and widows 

In Idaho it’s prohibited to charge a widow money for, get this moving a piano from a room to another room! Yes, folks. It seems lawyers used to do this. 

5. No sleeping in a dog kennel

dog in crate

Oh, but it was so comfy! In Wallace, ID, unless you’re a dog (which if you’re reading this, you probably aren’t) you can’t sleep there. 

6. Friends and axes don’t mix well 

Apparently, cutting off a friend’s head with an axe is illegal. Who would have guessed it? And the word “friend” is not quite right in this instance, is it? 

7. In Idaho Falls, 88 is the limit for riding a motorcycle 

weird Idaho laws: man riding motorcycle

So if you’re 89, tough luck, you can’t ride a motorcycle anymore. It’s a shame because there certainly are people over 88 that are very capable of riding a motorcycle but we can also understand why this law is in place. 

8. Don’t go riding a merry-go-round on a Sunday

It’s a criminal offense in Idaho!

9. In Boise, people are not allowed to fish from… a giraffe’s back 


Yep, a giraffe’s back. And that’s not all. There is also fishing from a camel’s back. Yep, weird Idaho laws hit again. 

10. Under 14-year-olds need a certificate from their parents testifying they brush their teeth

Well, that’s one way to get kids to brush. 

11. In Idaho you’re not allowed to have sex if you’re not married

man looking at bed

You could go to jail for up to 6 months for this!

12. Make sure your candy box weighs more than 50 pounds or else

Yep, this is true. 

13. Hunting with a remote using the good, old internet is illegal. 

hunting rifle

It’s illegal to offer your special someone a box that’s lighter than 50 pounds. 

14. Buying onions after dark, without a permit, is a no-no

In Tamarack this is illegal so leave your onions at home during the night. 

15. Selling Idaho Deluxe potatoes is serious business


If you sell one with blemishes or rot then you can go to jail for up to 6 months! “What are you in for? Murder? Robbery?” “No, selling bad potatoes.”

16. No more than 18 minutes of affection 

If you’re the kind that likes to engage in public displays of affection then you should know you’re on the clock. 

17. You’re not allowed to walk the street with a red-tipped cane

weird Idaho laws: no red-tipped cane

Make it blue, white or green. Just not red.

18. No selling chickens after dark 

Unless the sheriff knows about it, don’t do it or you’ll get into trouble. 

19. Cannibalism is illegal unless it’s needed for survival


Well, it seems this needs to be in writing. 

20. You’ll need written permission to court a girl

Permission from her dad, that is. Otherwise, you’re not in the clear. 

Well, that’s all from us. There are plenty of weird Idaho laws out there but these are the more known, weird and out there laws we could find. You should also look at weird Alabama laws in case you’re in for more strange laws across the US.. Know of any other? Share them in the comments. Have a good one!

Which is the safest city in Idaho?

Rexburg is the safest city in Idaho for the 3rd year in a row (2022, 2023, 2024). 

Is Idaho a strict state?

Yes, Idaho is a strict state. There are many laws that reduce personal freedom and you can get into trouble for weird things. It’s best to know those weird Idaho laws that could cause problems before you come here. 

Can you drink on Sundays in Idaho?

Yes, you can. But retailers will not sell alcohol on Sundays, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Memorial Day

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