27 Whimsical And Weird Colorado Laws To Brighten Up Your Day

From Rocky Mountain National Park to Mesa Verde National Park, from Denver to Pikes Peak in Pike National Forest or from the Million Dollar Highway to the Garden of the Gods, Colorado has a lot to offer. Colorado is definitely a great place to explore all year long. There’s always interesting attractions waiting to be savored. The breathtaking parks (any of them), beautiful cities and fantastic ski resorts (like Vail) are all here to be enjoyed. But if you’re planning a trip we also recommend you also familiarize yourself with the weird Colorado laws – knowing some of these might get you out of trouble at some point.

1. Sundays and cars don’t mix well

weird Colorado laws: Sunday laws

Ah, a Sunday law. These are present in a lot of US states so these aren’t just weird Colorado laws but among those strange US laws. Even if they are trying to make people go to church on Sundays and not have other distractions, this law is antiquated. There are those that want and will go to church then and there are those that won’t, no matter what kind of weird law you enforce. And if you want really weird then make sure to also check out these weird Texas laws (opens in new tab)..

2. No missile throwing at cars

This is or should be a given in any state. You shouldn’t throw things at cars, period. It shouldn’t even need to be a law.

3. Snowball fights are prohibited and illegal in Aspen, Colorado


A weird one that makes sense. Why? Because of the many dangers something like this could entail. You aren’t allowed to throw things or discharge guns in this area as it could lead to avalanches or other problems.

4. In Colorado Springs weapons are ok except Sundays

You also aren’t allowed to “wear a holstered six-gun within city limits” on Election Day or on holidays.

5. Don’t pee in public


Or you may get into serious trouble in Alamosa (but probably in the whole state as well). Use available toilets for this and other bodily needs if you know what we mean.

6. In Sterling, CO, you can’t walk under a ladder

Yep, it’s a law. We told you there are plenty of weird Colorado laws, didn’t we?

7. In Denver you mustn’t stutter on Sunday

dialogue box

Get this: it’s illegal to stutter on a Sunday during church service! So if you stutter often then what? You shouldn’t hold the service?

8. Cats that meow in the dark…

Will have their tails chopped off! Is this weird enough for you?!

9. No more than 3.2% alcohol


In Colorado liquor stores are not allowed to sell food and grocery stores must not sell alcohol except for beer and that must not be over 3.2% alcohol.

10. No riding a horse while drunk

Makes sense. What about a bicycle?

11. In Denver you can’t drive a black car on a Sunday

weird Colorado laws: no black cars on a Sunday

Why? Who knows? It’s clearly one of those kooky, old, weird Colorado laws or stipulations that isn’t enforceable anymore.

12. A real doozy: children over 8 years old must not wet the bed!

What if accidents happen as they often do?

13. No potbelly pig over 3 months without a license


That also goes for a dog in Alamosa, CO. If you want to own one then you must get a license.

14. No rock mutilations, please

In state parks, in Colorado, you are not allowed to mutilate or injure rocks, trees, flowers, pretty much anything. You will get into serious problems by doing such things so don’t do it. Enjoy nature without trying to change it in any way.

15. No sex before marriage

people in bed

We’re staying in Alamosa for this one. Here you aren’t allowed to keep a house where unmarried people have sex.

16. No Llama on city property!

It seems llamas aren’t welcomed to graze on city property in Boulder, CO. And of course this doesn’t stop at just llamas. Any animal from sheep, pigs, mules, horses – all are unwelcomed.

17. In Louisville, you can have up to 3 turkeys but no chickens


Is this chicken discrimination? Why are turkeys allowed but not chickens? We can already see the headlines “Chickens unwanted in Louisville! Turkeys are welcome!”

18. In Sterling, cats must have a taillight

Yep, cats can’t be running around without one in this place. This is clearly not enforceable anymore but it’s still funny to hear about it.

19. Legal to challenge a police officer but ONLY until he/she says to stop

police officer

So you can basically say anything but if the police officer tells you to stop then you must stop. If you don’t stop then you’ll be in trouble. This is the case in Boulder, CO.

20. In Durango you must dress the part

The fashion police is here! You can’t go out in public, dressed in clothes that are “unbecoming” to one’s sex.

21. No couches on outside porches In Boulder


What? And what will people sit on when on their porch? While we can understand that in some cases this would be the best thing to do, still… If someone wants to have their couch on their porch and that doesn’t bother neighbors, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do so?

22. In Pueblo, CO they don’t like dandelions

None are permitted to grow in the city.

23. No kissing women while they’re asleep

couple kissing

We wonder what happened here so they needed to impose such a law. It’s clear that you shouldn’t kiss a woman (probably not even your wife/girlfriend) while they are asleep. It seems that in Logan County some man or men thought it was ok to kiss a woman while sleeping.

24. In Vail, CO, it’s against the law to crash into obstacles on a ski slope

“- Why did you crash into that sign?

– It wasn’t on purpose, officer. I just couldn’t avoid it.

– Too bad. Now I have to fine you.”

25. In Denver, CO, it’s illegal to mistreat rats


What does mistreat mean actually? What happens if there’s too many of them?

26. No sharing your vacuum cleaner!

Still in Denver, folks. While you may want to be a good neighbor and maybe lend your vacuum cleaner to your neighbor please note that this is unlawful here.

27. First floor is for mules and horses


In Cripple Creek you can’t bring a horse or mule to the second (or more than this) floor of a building. Stick to the first floor, please.

Bonus weird Colorado laws
Had enough of Sunday laws?

It seems others did as well because there was a law that has since been repealed that stated that no liquor can be sold on election days or Sundays. So if you want to drink liquor on a Sunday go ahead.

Well, that’s all, folks! Hope you’ve found a few weird Colorado laws that made you say “What?” or made you at least raise your eyebrow. It’s good to know these whenever coming to Colorado. Some are just fun or strange (or both) while knowing others might just keep you out of potential problems with the law.

Have a great day!

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