24 Weird Tennessee Laws: Yes To Roadkill, No To Lassoing Fish

11 Nov

Tennessee is one of the best places to go to for their amazing and diverse music, world-renown whiskey, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which is absolutely tremendous or The Lost Sea. Tennessee is filled with interesting places to visit, explore and experiment but there are also a few quite weird Tennessee laws you should be aware of. You might be breaking some of them without knowing and get into trouble so it’s best to know them.

1. No singing “It Ain’t Goin’ To Rain No Mo”

Believe it or not, there’s actually an ordinance forbidding the singing of “It Ain’t Goin’ To Rain No Mo”! We have no idea why this song is on the no-sing list.

2. Pinball is not for under 18 year olds

It might sound weird that a 16 or 17 year old is not allowed to play pinball but that’s the case in Nashville, Tennessee. And just when you thought you could be enjoying a nice family outing with some pinball you find out that your kid is not allowed to play.

3. Throwing stones is forbidden in Nashville

This is not allowed because it could lead to windows or glass being broken. And it’s not just stones but anything else similar to a missile that could lead to breakage.

4. Can’t hunt anything other than whales from a moving vehicle

Why? If you know, please share it with us.

5. You shouldn’t drive while… asleep!

Now there’s a smart one. They finally realized that it’s better to be awake while driving. We are so curious how such a law has been created.

6. Horse stealing is (still) punishable by hanging

We get it that this was once the case as horses were extremely valuable but nowadays… not so much. Maybe this punishment should be changed.

7. Roadkill is a go

You can legally eat roadkill in Tennessee so if you’re a fan of this then you’re good to go.

8. Using a lasso to catch… a fish is prohibited

Have you ever had one of those days when catching a fish with a lasso seemed like a fairly great idea? Well we’re sad to say you can’t do this in Tennessee for some reason. Anyway, who thought this was a good idea was surely way ahead of his time.

9. You’re not allowed to hold office IF you participate in duels

Like to fight in duels? Then no public office for you!

10. 8 women living together is just too much for Tennessee

When there are more than 8 women under the same roof things go haywire and they think this could be a brothel. Another one of those laws that should be changed to fit current times.

11. Tying yourself to a moving vehicle is bad

Especially if you’re rollerblading. Who would have thought this was bad and maybe even dangerous?! Well it seems at least one or two people didn’t see it as dangerous in Nashville where this is now banned by law.

12. No cheetah as pets

Seems Nashville doesn’t like people owning cheetahs as pets. Why they would mind is beyond us. Cheetahs are so lovely, aren’t they?

13. Spitting is illegal

If you’re in public you should assume you aren’t allowed to spit no matter where you are.

14. Memphis has a certain feelings towards pies

It’s actually illegal to take your unfinished pie home for some reason even if you paid for it?! Everyone and their dog should eat their pie there and then and take none back home. Can’t a man eat his pie wherever he seems fit?

15. Panhandling without a permit is prohibited

It’s not expensive at just $10 but still if you need to do this it would be assumed that you might not have money and couldn’t pay (in theory).

16. Croaking after 11 PM is illegal

This is bad news if you’re a frog but we’re not quite sure what authorities can do to enforce this peculiar law from Memphis.

17. Women can’t drive without a man walking in front of the car and waving a red flag!!!

What?! Who thought this would be a good idea and why? How was this even approved to begin with? Now this one right here is a keeper and it’s from good, old Memphis. Who wouldn’t want to have a man waving a red flag in front of their car?

18. Eating ice cream on the sidewalk is so bad

In Lexington this is prohibited for some reason. Whether this is somehow enforced or not remains to be seen.

19. When at a stop sign, fire your gun to warn horse carriages!

An old, clearly outdated law from Lenior County that sounds so weird today. Some of these sound so strange in our current times.

20. More than 5 inoperable vehicles can spell trouble

You aren’t allowed more than 5 on your property. 4 is the sweet spot it seems, for Fayette County at least.

21. Women can’t call men for dates in Dyersburg

Because who knows what could happen.

22. Importing skunks in the state is prohibited

We wonder why they got such a bad name.

23. Interracial marriages are illegal

Yes, you read that correctly! In 2023, we have this, in Tennessee. The law says “a person shall not be required to solemnize a marriage” making it much more difficult to marry for interracial couples, persons of the same gender or for transgender people.

24. The state can’t regulate hunting

People living in suburban regions are upset that some hunters keep firing their weapons awfully close to their homes but it seems some of the government doesn’t even want to hear about it. They said the state shouldn’t interfere with hunter’s affairs. So if these hunters keep bothering or even putting people in danger, nothing should be done about it? Talk about officials that don’t care about their constituents.

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What weird laws does Tennessee have?

We’ve talked about a lot of them above. Another one would be that no one may sell hollow logs. Might sound weird but it actually aims at stopping some log dealers from selling such logs as solid wood.

Is it illegal to cuss in Tennessee?

Yes and you can be charged or even arrested for disorderly conduct, for punching a vehicle or cursing loudly in public in Tennessee.

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