Regulations And Ridiculousness: 15 Weird Iowa Laws For Trivia Buffs

Iowa is probably one of the most interesting and diverse US states. There’s something here for anyone. It’s known as the “food capital of the world” because it produces a diverse and big number of things from corn to soybeans. Breathtaking beauties like the Mississippi River or Maquoketa Caves State Park await. Iowa produces about 10% of US food overall among which corn, eggs and pork are at the top.

Iowa corn is exported in 50+ countries. Corn is also used to produce ethanol which is fuel for trucks and cars. Iowa is the main producer of ethanol. And there’s much more to talk about when it comes to Iowa. From the well known RAGBRAI Bike Race which is one of the longest bike races on earth to The Grotto Of The Redemption and to, the weird Iowa laws, which is what we’ll be talking about today.

There are plenty of weird Iowa laws and we’ve selected a few of the most unusual ones. If you know of others, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments. Enjoy!

1. In Ottumwa, a man is not allowed to WINK at a woman he doesn’t know

weird Iowa laws: no winking to unknown women

What about a woman winking at an unknown man? Is that allowed? Winking is inappropriate in most cases except (maybe) for when the people involved know each other so we understand the need for this law.

2. In Marshalltown, there’s a very strange law

Horses, please sit down for this, are not allowed to EAT fire hydrants! Yes, it seems some horse or horses were a fan or doing this. But who could resist those beautiful, red, big and juicy fire hydrants. No wonder dogs love them so much as well.

3. It seems some people are absolutely in love with cornbread in Iowa

cornbreadWhy? Because at one time the Iowa Legislature has passed a resolution that ordered the state cafeteria to serve cornbread immediately! Why couldn’t have been solved by a simple “Please!” we’ll never know.

4. Ford Madison and the fire department

Fort Madison with another strange one. Their fire department needs to practice for 15 minutes BEFORE attending an actual fire. Hmm… that doesn’t sound right now does it?

5. Hunting from an aircraft is a no-no

weird Iowa laws: no hunting from an aircraft

We wonder why? Sounds perfectly safe and reasonable.

6. No running tabs in Iowa

Having a running tab in Iowa is illegal so don’t do it. We’re sure some people prefer having a running tab but it seems that’s frown upon in Iowa.

7. Before throwing anything on the highway you need written permission


Why would you want to throw things on the highway in the first place? Who knows? Regardless, you need written permission to do so from the City Council if you’re in Mount Vernon. So don’t throw bricks, stones or anything else on the highway.

8. Doctors need to report anyone with gonorrhea

When they treat someone of this, doctors must also report it and mention the “probable origin” of the disease.

9. You can’t consume alcohol at your own establishment after hours

table with food and drinksIt doesn’t matter if you’re an employee there or the actual owner. After closing you are not allowed to consume drinks there. Maybe it’s time to close up late, eh?

10. This is a really strange one

If you like playing the piano and you only have an arm you are required to perform for free! Doesn’t that sound weird? Iowa sure has some head-scratchers.

11. Mustaches come with certain problems

man at barbershopDid you know that in Iowa you aren’t allowed to kiss a woman in public IF you have a mustache!?

12. Kissing in Iowa is on a timer

You aren’t allowed to kiss for over 5 minutes for some reason. We wonder who keeps track of this. “I’m sorry, gents. You’ve gone past the 5 minute mark so I will have to ask you to stop the kissing. Thank you for understanding.”

13. No drug tax stamp? Then you’re in trouble

iowa laws marijuana scaledSelling or distributing drugs or any kind is not allowed without first paying the Iowa drug tax stamp.

14. Stores that sell alcohol are not allowed to advertise beer outside their establishments

This happens in Bettendorf and it’s just a tad unusual. Since the place already sells alcohol why can’t they also advertise this outside?

15. In Indianola, Iowa, ice cream trucks are banned

ice cream trucksSad days for people living here, especially kids that won’t be able to run and get a cool ice cream from the truck. Sad days indeed.

And that’s all the weird Iowa laws we have for today, folks. Share others in the comment form. Thanks and have a good one!

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Are snowball fights illegal in Iowa?

This is considered a misdemeanor in Iowa.

What are the unusual laws in Iowa?

Where do we even start? All 15 laws outlined above fit this.

How many cats can you own in Iowa?

A maximum of 3 cats and 3 dogs are allowed in Iowa per household.

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