13 Weird North Dakota Laws: TP In Mines And No Elks In Sandboxes

North Dakota is the biggest producer of honey in the US, with 90% of its area filled with ranches and farms and the state with the most wildlife refuges at 63. A beautiful place, with some of the most amazing spots to visit and experience and a state Theodore Roosevelt loved dearly. And, of course, a state with many weird laws. Let’s explore some weird North Dakota laws, shall we?

1. In Devil’s Lake, ND, New Year fireworks must end by 11 PM


Maybe this is not too exciting for some people but it’s great for animals and people who enjoy their silence and sleep even on this festive day.

2. Pretzels and beer go well together but not in North Dakota

Weird North Dakota Laws: no pretzels and beer

This magical combo can’t be served at the same time anywhere in this state! Can you believe it?

3. Sleeping with your shoes on is a no-no

Weird North Dakota Laws: no sleeping with shoes on

Did you ever lie down on the grass and just fall asleep? Wasn’t that nice? Well if you do this in ND and have your shoes on then there’s trouble afoot. This is actually illegal for some reason so don’t forget to take your shoes off. And the law doesn’t specify if this is for a private or public place but we guess it wouldn’t be ok to sleep without your shoes in public? It’s a strange one for sure and we can’t make heads or tails of it either way.

4. Wearing a hat to a dance or while dancing is heresy in Fargo

guy dancing

You can even be arrested for doing so (at least that’s what the law says but is the police still going to do this nowadays?)! Make sure you leave your hat at home just to be sure.

5. Like elks and sandboxes?

elkWell, who doesn’t? But make sure you never mix them or you’ll be in trouble in Waverly, ND. No elk should be present in the sandbox in the backyard.

6. No more than 2 stud poker yearly to raise money

playing cardsIf you’re part of a charitable group you can’t have more than two such games per year to raise money. Why two? Who knows?

7. No skinny dipping in Red River between 8AM and 8PM

touching waterBetter wait for 8:01 PM then. Otherwise you can be arrested.

8. No horses sleeping in bathtubs

Weird North Dakota Laws: no horses in bathtubs

But where else could they sleep? No, but seriously now, how do these kinds of things become laws? In Waverly this is clearly forbidden and perhaps there was a case involving a horse and a bathtub and things weren’t pretty. Horses are also forbidden to sleep in the house.

9. Coal mines must have enough toilet paper

weird north dakota Coal mines jpg

Because when you’re down a mine all you could think about is: do we have enough toilet paper? What about better working conditions and better pay for these people that are risking their lives daily?

10. If you plan on cloning yourself you’re in for 5 years of prison time

weird north dakota cloning jpg

And a $10.000 fine. Most US states are against cloning with North Dakota being against cloning-to-produce-children and also against cloning-for-biomedical-research.

11. You may distill your alcohol to zero level of alcohol

bar North Dakota officials have a problem with that.

12. You need a pigeon killing permit to harm them

many pigeonsIn Fargo, ND, you need a license for this even if it’s in your own backyard. One of the reasons for this is that the excreta of pigeons is known to carry strain of E coli.

13. Shooting a Native American on horseback is (still) LEGAL IF you are in a covered wagon!

weird north dakota covered wagon scaledThis has got to be one of the more weird North Dakota laws we’ve heard of. We understand that this dates back to the Westward Expansion days when Indians were shooting European settlers but this is not the case anymore so this law shouldn’t exist now.

Well there sure are some really weird North Dakota laws out there. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about them and hopefully they will help you in some way if you’re ever in North Dakota. If you know of any other weird ones don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you! Have a good one!

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What are the laws of North Dakota called?

The N.D.C.C or North Dakota Century Code. They can also be referred to as the North Dakota statutes, the Code or the Century Code.

Is it illegal in North Dakota to sleep with shoes on?

Yes, this is still illegal in North Dakota. And although this is (probably) no longer enforced by the Police, it’s still technically a law.

Is it illegal to text and drive in North Dakota?

Yes. Text messaging and driving is illegal and comes with a $100 fine.

Is it illegal to drive with headphones in North Dakota?

No. North Dakota is a hands-free state and has no prohibition on headphones along with many other US states.

Can I sleep in my car in North Dakota?

Generally yes but you need to check for the city you are in as some cities have made this a “Loitering” crime.

Can you buy beer on Sunday in North Dakota?

Yes. But this has become a thing only recently (2021) when it became ok to buy booze on Sunday mornings.

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