Kentucky Kookiness: 17 Laughable And Weird Kentucky Laws

Also known as the Blue-grass state, Kentucky is the place where both Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy and Abraham Lincoln, President of the Union, were born. Isn’t that something? It’s a state filled with cultural history and many, many beautiful places to visit alone or with friends and family. Caves, natural springs, parks, all await. But today we’ll be talking about some of their weird Kentucky laws, some of which are quite strange or funny or both. Enjoy!

1. Kentucky citizens are all REQUIRED to shower at least once per year!

drops of waterIf this is not a doozy we don’t know what is? We can only imagine the “smelly” story behind being required to bathe at least once each 365 days…

2. No trading horses after dark in Franklin County, Kentucky

Because… Well maybe there have been instances where the buyer didn’t really see what he bought and it turned out to be something different? Perhaps this is the reason behind this specific law?

3. Parked motorcycles and sex don’t match in London, Kentucky

weird Kentucky laws: no sex on a parked motorcycleSay what now?! Yes, you can’t partake in sexual activities of any kind on a parked motorcycle. But what about a moving one 😉 ?

4. It’s illegal to throw things like eggs or flowers at public speakers

This shouldn’t even be a law. Everyone should know not to do this, right?

5. Marrying the same man more than 3 times is a no-no

weird Kentucky laws: Marrying the same man more than 3 times is a no-no

Why would this not be ok is beyond us. If someone wants to do this why shouldn’t they? It’s a free country and this shouldn’t even be up for discussion but it seems some people think 4 times is just too darn much.

6. Illegal to fish… with a bow and arrow

Is it weird that we can imagine someone actually going fishing with a bow and arrow? We’ve heard of similar ones regarding dynamite and fishing so not really surprised to hear there’s a law against this.

7. Forcing someone into a store is illegal

supermarketGuess there were clerks who used to do this to “increase” business so this had to be a law. Again, this should be a no-brainer but it seems some people think otherwise.

8. Illegal to dye ducklings, bunnies or chicks in blue

UNLESS they are in groups of 6 or more, this must never happen! Why 6? Who knows but not doing this can get one a $500 fine so beware.

9. No throwing soapsuds or slops in the street in Danville, KY

weird Kentucky laws: No throwing soapsudsThis used to happen so the law had to be passed to discourage it.

10. You are allowed to walk around nude, on your own property IF you have a license for it!

This is probably to discourage people doing weird things and scaring their neighbors or so we’d think. But still, can you imagine going to city hall to get such a license?!

11. In Danville, Kentucky, the mayor must yearly appoint 3 intelligent housekeepers to their Board of Tax Supervisors

cleaning productHow do they determine if these housekeepers are “intelligent”? Now that is something we’d like to know.

12. In Lexington, KY, you’re not drunk unless you “cannot hold onto the ground”!

Not making this up, this is an actual law in Lexington!

13. It’s illegal to shoot anything other than a WHALE from a moving vehicle!

moving carThis might sound super strange and it is yet we’ve heard it all before in other US states. Some states don’t even have access to the sea so there’s no chance of whales ever being present and still there’s this law…

14. In Owensboro, a woman CAN NOT buy a hat if her husband doesn’t like it!

She needs to get his permission to buy a hat. What if she is buying it from her own money?

15. Every nude person in a house must be registered

statueGot any nude people in your house? Make sure they are registered then.

16. No shooting off a policeman’s tie in Frankfort, KY

Makes you wonder what happened in Frankfort. Hopefully no one was hurt.

17. In Fort Thomas, KY, dogs or cats may not molest cars

dog in a truckSeems this city has serious dog and cat problems, no? We wonder how this is going for them? Are cars feeling safer since this law has been in effect :)?

Myths or Repealed laws

It was illegal to work on Sundays!

You would be fined $50 if caught doing this unspeakable act. Of course, clergy members, certain businesses or athletic game officials were excluded from this.

Women in bikinis required police protection!

Seems odd! It is and it’s weird that this actually needed to happen for women to feel and be safe while wearing a bikini.

People in their bathing garb would be fined if they were seen on highways or streets

The fine would go from $5 to $25. The law was in effect from 1922 to 1974 when it was repealed.

No ice cream in your pocket in Lexington, Kentucky

Might sound weird but other states also have or had this as a law. Back in the day, horse thieves used to carry ice cream in their back pockets to attract a horse and steal it. Hence this kooky law was born. Hopefully that answers some questions.

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Well that’s all, folks! Hope these weird Kentucky laws made for a few minutes of fun and maybe lifted eyebrows, eh?

What is the blue law in Kentucky?

This refers to prohibiting any work on Sundays. Certain businesses and people (clergy men for example) were exempt from this.

Is it legal to have ice cream in your pocket in Kentucky?

Yes. But this was once illegal since horse thieves used to do this to lure horses and steal them!

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