18 Ruff Regulations: Navigating The Oddities Of Weird Pet Laws

All around the world pets brighten the lives of the people around them. This along with the mandatory mayhem and destruction are part of our lives with pets. However, in some parts of the world local authorities enforced some pretty weird pet laws for two purposes, the sake of the animals or the sake of the community. Some are so outrageous we had to do a double take.

1. Three daily walks

woman walking dog

In Turin, Italy, they have a rule that says you have to take your pup for a walk three times a day. Yeah, your furball needs its daily steps, just like you need your morning coffee.

2. Social animals crave companionship

weird pet laws: at least 2 guinea pigs

If you’re in Switzerland and thinking about getting a guinea pig, think twice. It’s illegal to have just one because they’re social animals, they get lonely. You’ve got to double up on those squeaky buddies. The same goes for goldfish or any other social animals.

3. The silent treatment

barking dog

In Little Rock, Arkansas, dogs are not allowed to bark after 6 p.m. So if you have a guard dog you better make sure he is well trained so he doesn’t end up barking at every little thing that catches its attention.

4. No dogs on the roof of your car

dog in a car

If you do this in Alaska you will be breaking the law. I’m thinking you’re also breaking the law of common sense, right? Who in their right mind would think that is a prime spot for a doggy car ride?

5. Fined, arrested, or even jailed for making ugly faces at a dog

man making faces

Oklahoma folks, listen up, this is for you. If you walk up the street, see a cute dog (and we’re thinking cute dog outfits here so a dog dressed really fancy like) and have a sudden urge to make an ugly face, stop, you will get in serious trouble.

6. Dogs shouldn’t stay alone for more than four hours at a time

weird pet laws: dogs shouldn't be alone for no more than 4 hours

Switzerland is bent on prioritizing pet care so they have this lil’ nugget that makes it illegal to leave your dog home alone for more than four hours. If your job doesn’t allow it, puppy day care is the way to go.

7. A room with a view

dog with a stick

Staying on the doggy-day-care subject, in Sweden they must all have at least one window to the outside world so the poor doggy doesn’t stare at a concrete wall until his human comes to get him.

8. Small dogs to the rescue

small dog

In Germany you have to pay a yearly tax for owning a dog. Or two. Or three. Buuut, a loophole in the German tax laws makes it that dogs under 4.5 kg are taxed the same as a rodent, meaning less taxes at the end of the year.

9. No whiskey or cigars

dog looking out

In Illinois, USA, you’re not allowed to treat your dog with the finer things in life.

10. Quarantine for your pets

weird pet laws: dog quarantine

Down under, they’re pretty strict about what pets you can bring into the country. Cats and dogs need to spend at least 10 days in quarantine upon arrival. That’s one way to make sure your pet doesn’t bring any unwanted surprises with them.

11. No canary recalling


Let’s not forget the land of the free and home of the brave. In California, it’s illegal to whistle for your lost canary before 7 am. So, if your colorful friend decides to take a morning stroll, you’ll just have to wait until the clock strikes 7.

12. The three bells per cat rule

weird pet laws: 3 bells around the neck for cats

In Longburn, New Zealand, any cat that puts its foot outside the house must wear three bells around the neck. Fashion statement? Safety issue? You be the judge.

13. No riding while under the influence

men on horses

If you have a glass of beer and decide that a quick ride home is the way to go, think again. In the UK it is forbidden by law to ride your horse, or a cow if that tickles your fancy, if you’ve had something to drink. So reach for that phone and call an uber.

14. Cat mating

weird pet laws: cat mating

California bans cats from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of school or place of worship. In all honesty, they do put on quite a show when they decide to go at it.

15. No neutering or spaying

little pug

In Norway these two practices are considered mutilation so around 99% of their pets are untouched. Unfortunately, while this is a touching gesture, it also leads to a high number of related health issues, especially among older pets.

16. Illegal to mate with a commoner if you’re part of the royal family fluffies

dog with a crown

As amusing as this sounds, it’s actually true. While marrying a commoner if you’re a blue blood might make for a good box office hit, in UK this is illegal. So make sure your Fido doesn’t happen to meet the royal corgis.

17. No alligators in the bathtub


Arkansas people know what they want: no alligator in the bathtub. Is it because they might want to use the bathtub or because the bathtub is not nearly big enough to house an adult alligator?

18. A case of no chase involved

man and dog

In Pennsylvania, USA, if someone sees you playfully engaging in a game of chase with your pupper he can legally shoot your dog, seeing as he thinks your life is in danger.

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