21 Weird Alaska Laws: No Drunk Moose Or Kangaroos In Barber Shops!

Alaska is known for the breathtaking landscapes combined with a diversity of animals. And there’s also the wonderful and hospitable people that live here. But there’s also something “interesting” that not many people know about: weird Alaska laws. And we’ve gathered the best of them. They might seem strange and it can be very difficult to understand why some of them have been put in place, but believe it or not, most of them have a strong reasoning behind them.

1. Drink responsibly, Mr. Moose!

weird alaska laws: no drunk mooseIn Fairbanks, Alaska you are not allowed to get a moose drunk (you shouldn’t give it alcoholic beverages at all). Yes, that’s what the law says! It seems there’s a tavern keeper that keeps offering drinks to his moose until the animal gets drunk and starts doing all sorts of naughty things, damaging things in its path.

2. Snowmen mustn’t be taller than the kids that built them!

This one might sound very strange but when you hear the explanation you may reconsider. In snowstorms (that happen a lot in these parts) it’s sometimes very difficult to distinguish kids from the snowmen they’ve built.

3. Moose hunting and whispering are not a good match

Picture this: you’re out in the wild, silently (and skillfully) stalking a moose, when suddenly, out of the blue, your hunting buddy decides to lean in and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Well, in Alaska, that’s a big no-no. According to an apparently strange law (it’s not strange at all if you see why it was enacted), whispering in someone’s ear while moose hunting is strictly forbidden. This is against the law because hunting a moose is very serious business since this animal is so large it can easily cause great harm or even kill you. Keeping all your senses at 100% is very important when hunting so whispering and other similar things shouldn’t happen.

4. No rooftop joyrides for your pet

weird alaska laws: no pets on rooftopsIf you’ve always wanted to strap your pet on the rooftop of your car, think again. In Anchorage, Alaska this is illegal (for obvious reasons). It should be pretty clear why this is not ok and you should always keep your pets safe and not try anything like this.

5. You can get drunk in a bar but never stay there

While Alaskans love a good time, you are not allowed to camp out in bars. You can get drunk but then you have to exit the premises. Find a hotel, just don’t spend more time than needed in the bar.

6. Pushing a live moose out of an airplane is apparently not ok!

Who would have thought? I mean, whoever even considered doing this must have been high or something. And you’d surely think at least one person who tried it otherwise this wouldn’t be illegal. Stranger things have happened, we guess!

But now, here’s the kicker: this law started from a HUGE misunderstanding. And this is just too good not to talk about. In Talkeetna, Alaska, the locals had a poo-dropping contest where they’d drop moose poop from an airplane or helicopter. This took place for 37 years but in 2009 PETA started a campaign to stop it. They wanted to stop the dropping of live moose from a moving helicopter/airplane which wasn’t what was happening. It’s amazing to think PETA didn’t even know what was happening here and even more strange that people tried to explain what was happening and still no one understood! So the law was born and this interesting contest came to a halt.

7. Never, ever bother something who’s fishing with a net

fishing with a net

Or you’ll get fined. You aren’t allowed to disturb someone who is just trying to sit in silence, trying to catch some fish with a net. No pranking, whistling or doing anything that would disturb them.

8. You are ALLOWED to shoot a whale from an airplane

Talk about weird Alaska laws, right? This one takes the cake. You are allowed to do this (but with some strict regulations and there’s a permit required) and this applies JUST for whales and nothing else. Trying to shoot anything else from a moving airplane is illegal.

9. Waking a sleeping bear to take a selfie is illegal

sleeping bear

You’d think this would be ok but it’s not. Just kidding, of course this is not ok. Why would anyone think that waking a BEAR to take a SELFIE is ok?! You could get mauled or killed and yet there are those who tried doing this hence this law. Never do this!

10. In Nome, Alaska, you are not allowed to have bows, airguns or slingshots

Needless to say it’s illegal to discharge any of the above. If you want to do this you must be outside city limits. The funny part is the slingshots which perhaps shouldn’t be in the same category as airguns but maybe you can actually do some major damage with those as well so they’re included.

11. In Haines, Alaska, you need a permit to carry a slingshot

slingshotWhile we’re on the topic of slingshots, here you need a permit to carry one or dirks, daggers and metal knuckles. We think this list should be bigger to include other dangerous items but it’s a start.

12. In Anchorage, you can’t stay/live in a trailer while it’s moving

Apparently this is a big no-no in this city and you’ll get in serious trouble if you’re caught doing this.

13. In Soldotna, Alaska, “attractive nuisances” are illegal

It’s banned to have anything that would attract a bear. Anything like beef, fish or garbage should not be left in places where bears could be attracted to get them. It’s pretty clear why this is banned and no one should do it, especially in Alaska.

14. In Fairbanks, blowing a horn is banned

hornAs are excessive shouting, playing a musical instrument or disturbing the peace in any way. So no trumpets!

15. Still in Fairbanks, and again with the noise

You must not make any loud sound or noise that would wake someone or make them leave. So you can’t make much noise here, can you? If the person is sensitive to noise, any noise can be considered too loud. This is a strange law and as it can easily get misinterpreted and abused.

16. In Fairbanks, you can’t make loud noises between 11 PM and 7 AM

no loud noisesThis one isn’t weird at all. It’s actually common sense and it should be implemented in all cities across the world. You aren’t allowed to ride a motorcycle during these hours as working with power shovels, bulldozers, pile drivers and many other items and vehicles would make a lot of noise. We kind of agree with this one because that time is for sleeping not noise making of any kind.

17. Stun guns and children don’t mix

If you have thought selling stun guns to kids is ok then we don’t know what to think. It’s clearly not and it’s illegal to do this. Stun guns are illegal in all states except for Alaska where it’s legal to own one, just not if you’re a kid. Safety first!

18. In Juneau, flamingos, kangaroos or other animals are not allowed in barber shops

weird alaska laws: no kangaroos in barber shopsWhat?! Why did this have to be a law! Who brings a kangaroo or a flamingo to a barber shop?! It seems they are people who would do this since there’s this law stating it’s illegal to do this.

19. In Anchorage, 3 people in the front seat of a car is not ok

Can you imagine having 3 people in the front seat? How would that work and why would anyone think it’s safe to drive that way? It was clearly a thing since they made it illegal. It’s very dangerous and no one should attempt it. Even 2 people in the front seat is too much.

20. Moose fornicating on city streets is strictly banned

So next time you see two doing their thing better let them know. This is apparently wrong only in Fairbanks.

21. In Haines, if you’re a bartender and are drunk you shouldn’t serve anymore

glass with ice in it

That’s pretty obvious or it should be. It seems it wasn’t clear for some people.

And that’s all for weird Alaska laws folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these funny, quirky or strange laws from The Last Frontier.

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What are 3 silly laws in Alaska?

Most of the laws we’ve talked about above can seem silly but they usually have a serious reason behind them. Nonetheless here are 3 funny Alaska laws:

Kangaroos are not allowed in barber shops.
No whispering during a moose hunt.
Tying your pet to the rooftop of the car is illegal.

What is another name for Alaska?

Here are 6 names for Alaska:
1. The 49th state
2. The Klondike
3. Seward’s Folly
4. The Last Frontier
5. America’s Icebox
6. The Frozen North

Is Russian still spoken in Alaska?

Yes, it is spoken in Kodiak Island and the Kenai Peninsula.

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