Forget Cats And Dogs: 12 Unique Pets For The Eccentric Kind

Millennials raised the bar and Gen-Z are here to keep the bar rolling; more and more people opt for pets, even more since remote work and freelancing have been up and going. The following list does not include your go-to cat, dog or hamster pet, we’ve upgraded the stakes and went on to feature unique pets, pets that you don’t necessarily expect to see when you go and visit your colleague at home. Some furry, some chatty, all with their very own trademark, these pets are only for those who are sure they can deal with all the upkeep, vet bills and tons of patience that is a must.

1. Pygmy Goat

unique pets: pygmy goat

This cute fellow makes for a wonderful pet but you have to take several things into consideration. One, they’re not for small crowded apartments, they need a backyard with plenty of room to roam. Two, they’re loud, as in incredibly goat-style loud. Three, they’re constantly chewing/grazing something so make sure you get up to code with their diet before embarking into the world of goat ownership.

2. Fennec Fox

fennec foxYou’ve probably seen this face popping up all around the internet by now. While some people opted for a fennec fox as pet, the upkeep, the trial and errors with training it along with the specialized diet, make it a very challenging pet to own.

3. Ringtail


That nose, those eyes, the heart melt! Sporting a bushy tail and an appetite for pests aka mice, the ringtail might just be your favorite companion. Keep in mind that we’re talking about a nocturnal animal, it will sleep most of the day and be super active at night. If your schedules meet, it’s a match made in heaven!

4. Gambian-Pouched Rat

Gambian-pouched rat

They’re playful, they’re funny and rather easy to tame, if you have enough time for trial and error. The Gambian rat is smart, it catches on fast and you have a lot of options when it comes to dietary requirements. If you’re the rat type, this might be the breed to look into.

5. Miniature Horse

unique pets miniature horse scaledWe feel everything looks better in miniature form and this horse is no exception. If space is an issue, if you have small kids or if you like a miniature horse and you’re out of reasons not to get one, go for it. We’re not talking about ponies, we’re talking about the miniature version of a horse and we want one now.

6. Sugar Glider

unique pets sugar glider

Also known as flying squirrels, their lifespan is almost triple in captivity than in the wilderness but that doesn’t mean we should keep all flying squirrels indoors. They require a LOT of supervision, due to the fact that they can plane.

7. Degu

unique pets degu scaled e1691515927390Resembling chinchillas, degus can grow to be tame if handled frequently, thus getting used to being around people. This little rodent is quite energetic, with a lifespan of 7-9 years. Get him a big cage and ensure proper safety measures if you allow it to go in the yard.

8. Ferret

unique pets ferret scaled e1691515979582Curious creatures, ferrets have been a household name for quite some time. With a rather short lifespan, 5 to 7 years, ferrets are social creatures and thrive when they’re kept in pairs. How to get on? Check your local shelters to see if they have ferrets that you could adopt.

9. Opossum

unique pets opossum scaled

You know these beady eyes! If you’ve stumbled upon an abandoned baby possum, strap on, you’re in for one hell of a ride! Yes, they can be somewhat tamed but for now they’re unable to be domesticated like your average dog, for example.

10. Axolotl

unique pets axolotl scaledA salamander-like pet that stands out in the crowd with its unique experience, the axolotl is illegal to own in some states. This has nothing to do with it being a somewhat endangered species, it’s all about this salamander’s capabilities to cause havoc upon local species if it’s released in the wild.

11. Racoon

unique pets racoon scaledThe clown everyone loves, the racoon can easily get used to living the sheltered life if taken into a household as a baby. They bond with their humans and end up as paid actors in viral videos all over the web.

12. Miniature Donkey

unique pets miniature donkey jpg e1691516209882

We’re not talking about a cat-sized donkey but a donkey smaller than the donkeys we all know. They’re the cool, noisy companions every farm needs for their calm demeanor. Fact: miniature donkeys are sometimes kept as support animals for anxious or nervous animals.

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What are the most expensive pets in the world?

The top 3 is the following:

1. Thoroughbred Racehorse
Fusaichi Pegasus won the Kentucky Derby in 2000 and was immediately sold for a cool $70 million.

2. Tibetan Mastiff
The most expensive dog on this list was sold in China, in 2015, for $1.9 million.

3. A Cow
Why, because she can produce 50% more milk than a regular Holstein cow. Missy was sold in 2009 for $1.2 million, making farmers all over the world jealous of this trade

Why do people keep exotic pets?

This is a more complex question and we have two answers for it. In the first scenario we’ll refer to animals like endangered species, lions, tigers etc. Because they like to have something other people don’t, and in most of the cases, because they like to show off. In the second scenario things are more about saving a baby possum found on the side of the road, a racoon that got stuck under the car and won’t leave.

Gotta love unique pets, no matter if they have a lush coat of fluffy fur or if they’re cold-blooded iguanas. They make for a very different home landscape despite being a huge pain in the neck at times.

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